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Legend of Brave

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The description of Legend of Brave

Legend of Brave is a 3D online real-time APRG game of this year that covers the most popular game types on the market: Collection over 100 kinds of Cute Pets & cool Mounts; Indulge in PvP battles and fight the players from all over the world, or engage in PVE battles to test your abilities; Devil Dungeon Challenge and so on. There are more modes waiting for you, join your friends, and fight against the darkness and achieve glory.

●Blood fighting to be the KING
Warrior, Mage and Gunner, different characters with different skills, use them to hold your territory and defeat the opponents. Switch freely with huge damage output and claim the throne of King is your foremost goal.

●Various PVP and PVE modes
Killing monsters and being the dominator in Devil Dungeon, 1V1 Dungeon and Arena. Create your guild and summon the holy beast to defend your territory.

●Strong combination: fighting with Pets & Mounts, fire fully open
The game contains hundreds of different types of mounts & pets. No matter play the role as an output or auxiliary, it’s all depends on yourself. Punish the evil and promote the good together with your partners.

●Game Play
Talking about the game controls, they are pretty simple. To control your character’s movement, move your virtual joystick and to knock the monsters down, hold attack. When the magic dragon boss comes for you, use escape skills to escape flints.

●Choose your Character
Choose from Justice, King, Glory and then equip the character from a wide range of options like helmet, armor, belt, boots. You can also auto equip all the accessories and earn extra HP. Not just that, you can customize the Weapons, Set, and wings of your character.

Free Download Legend of Brave APK For PC


●Popular costumes available, Create exclusive style
No matter retro, funny, sexy or cute, a variety of styles waiting for you to choose. And it also has a large number of time-limited costumes, such as Valentine’s Day Set, Christmas Set and so on. Just come on and show your freestyle.

●Complete Tasks
Complete main tasks to get gold and equipment in the game. Tasks include clearing the abandoned mine, upgrading skill shots to a certain level, accumulating pets, stars level plan and much more.

●Unlock Skills
Some of the skills are yet to be unlocked when you begin playing the game, so upgrade skills like Star Magic that cast star mystery spell within a large rang and Thunderlight that releases powerful thundering spell to ground. You can auto upgrade the skills too but they require a certain level and gold.

●The more you grow, the more the rewards
Open the gift pack daily, and login, to claim new rewards every day. There are plenty of other ways to get rewards like staying online for a certain time period also earns you plenty of rewards. Moreover, you can accumulate glacier coins to receive rewards.
Level ups don’t just take you one step closer to your mission but they also earn you level up gifts. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on all that simply by competing different tasks in the game.

Legend of Brave 6.0.0 Update

Update Contents:
1.Optimize the display of Localization
2.Open new systems—-Legion War & Ancient Battlefield
3.Repair some existed bugs
4.Optimize other functions